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Mina Camacho

We joined the festival but much better if you posted also the names of the band participated in the said festival... hope to join again next year


The first image is really cool. Love the formation. And you captured it really well!


pretty kitsch but I always enjoy this kind of entertainment actually :)
The musical circle is a funny idea


whether good or bad or ugly or sad, beautiful or not no matter the adjective at hand, you always capture the mood and the moment in a transending, I just enjoy drinking it in


may nagagawa rin palang magaling ang mga pulis natin, hehe!

Ashish Sidapara

I must say the first photo is very funny ;-) Looking at their pose, i wonder from where the sound eventually came out!

19 Seconds Of Spring

The first picture is very impressive... Great capture!


intersting formation


I love that formation in the first image! I never did that when I was in a marching band.


Nice assembly. I also like the close up shot. My oldest son plays the flute. I should also try taking a close up shot of his fingers while playing. :)


I love the top one, super formation!


I love the second photo, the color is so pretty. Looks like a fun place to be.


i love the first shot... nice angle, nice timing... :)


First shot is a ripper! You caught a great moment there . . and they knew it!


Great formation capture in that first image - now if only they could march like that! Second image is a fine composition and while the warmth of the brass is quite nice, I can also visualize a monochrome treatment as suggested by the Subster.

Chris Vallancourt

It looks like they should have shields instead of brass instruments in the top photo!

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

I love the symmetry and formation of the top image....nicely caught. Phil

Jide Alakija

The shot at the top is just so amazing. I love it.


Top picture is cool, the bottom picture would look absolutely fantastic as a monochrome or with an added sepia tone. Give it a try.



As always you have to us customary, the photos are you magnify. I like much. Greetings.


I like the photo above because of the reflections of the chrome and the funny shadows of the musicians.

Greetings, Patchanka


You have a most interesting collection. I like the duo effect, close up of the hand with the wide angle shot above.


great shots as ever, sidney. their formation looks like they're on a defensive stance.


You got amazing pictures. Very impressive.... and stunning perspective!

Ladybug's Leaf

Both shots here are really nice. The guys in that brass band on top are very impressive! I bet the sound was equally impressive. Like others who have commented here, I also was in marching band in middle school & high school, although I wasn't a brass player (I played clarinet).

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